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Hot Topic June 2017 - In the Trenches - Restricted Party Screening
For those of you in the trenches, dealing with a queue of restricted party screening matches on a daily basis. Read more here...

Import/Export Compliance Benchmark Study: Turn and Face the Change, June 2017
Importers and exporters have plenty to worry about on a day-to-day basis. But in the first half of 2017, that baseline level of worry has been ratcheted up by uncertainty over where U.S. and global trade policies are headed.

Findings from our 2017 Import/Export Compliance Benchmark Study crystallize that level of concern over areas like rising global protectionism, the impact of the U.S. withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the future of the China-U.S. trade relationship. Read more here

Global Trade Management Landscape Report - Changing Trade Winds: Using Structure and Automation to Combat an Uncertain Trade Environment, February 2017
In times of chaos, it’s especially important for importers and exporters to focus on the areas of their business they can control. With trade agreements under the microscope and talk of tariffs and taxes on certain goods, there’s never been a more important time for shippers to examine the foundations of their global trade management function Read more here

Now is the Time to Wake up to Global Trade Compliance, February 2017
Global trade compliance remains a topic that most C-level executives successfully ignore. This should not be regarded as an accomplishment but as a serious corporate deficiency Read more here...

Business leaders trying to prepare their bottom lines for whatever may come, March 2017
Listen to Beth Pride discuss a free tool to calculate the impact of U.S. trade statements in this Marketplace interview. Download MP3 here...


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