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Import Compliance

While the laws of importing countries are varied and difficult to navigate, one thing is clear: Customs authorities expect importers to understand and comply with the regulations of the importing country. What is unique to customs compliance is that its responsibilities are not limited to personnel in the shipping or procurement departments of a company. Instead, customs compliance is the responsibility of an entire corporation impacting everyone from Finance, Sales, Logistics, Research and Development, Shipping, Manufacturing, Legal, and leadership of every Headquarters and Business Unit division.

Unfortunately, many companies see compliance with international trade laws and regulations as an insurmountable task laden with risk and pitfalls. BPE Global unravels the complexities of international trade and expertly analyzes your business model and swiftly and efficiently helps companies optimize operations and strategies while exceeding compliance goals.

Customs Classification: Customs classification is used by an importing country to determine admissibility, calculate duty and tax exposure, and determine eligibility for special trade programs. BPE Global helps companies classify their merchandise correctly and minimize exposure.

Country of Origin: Country of origin is a customs requirement, a consumer protection requirement, as well as one of the determining factors in eligibility for preferential trade programs. BPE Global expertly analyzes manufacturing processes and applicable rules of origin to determine preferential and non-preferential country of origin.

Valuation: Customs value is used to calculate duty, taxes, fees, as well as for trade statistics in the importing country. However, the misalignment of customs regulations and tax regulations often results in an unwelcome audit by authorities in the importing country. BPE Global helps bridge the gap between disparate regulations and ensures that a proper customs value is declared for imported goods.

Preferential Trade Programs: Preferential trade programs are bilateral and multi-lateral agreements signed between countries to permit goods to enter duty free or at a reduced rate. While these programs appear to favorably impact the bottom line of a company, they are often a compliance pitfall. BPE Global assists companies in identifying which programs are beneficial to a company, determining when it is beneficial to take advantage of these programs, qualifying products under preferential trade agreements, and administering a compliant preferential trade program.

Compliance Management: Business needs dictate the structure of trade compliance departments. Some compliance departments are centralized in a headquarters function, others decentralized across many functions. Your company may not even have a compliance department. How would your company respond to an audit? BPE Global identifies risk areas and works with the structure and requirements of your company to prepare and respond to audit inquiries, streamline operations, develop policies, procedures, training, and implement internal controls programs to mitigate risk areas and ensure the highest level of reasonable care.

BPE Global assists companies in the following areas:

  • Development of a Product Matrix for your products.
  • Determination of appropriate Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS) classifications.
  • Identification of other government agency requirements for your products.
  • Determination of the import license requirements for each item in the countries in which you operate.
  • Country of origin determinations.
  • Develop an Import Compliance Program, including:
    • Customized policies and procedures
    • Create and deliver import compliance training
    • Establish valuation methodologies
    • Develop broker Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Define recordkeeping requirements
    • Audit customs declarations
    • Establish valuation methodology
    • Establish processes for items subject to antidumping and countervailing duties
    • Determine Preferential Trade Agreement eligibility and manage certification
    • Development and tender of protests, administrative ruling requests, and post-entry amendments