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Export compliance is complex and ever-changing. BPE Global stays abreast of global regulatory changes to help you protect your company. From classification and license management to building a robust compliance program to fit the strategy of your company, we have you covered.
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Classification, Valuation, Antidumping, Drawback, Country of Origin, Free Trade Programs. These topics and more are key concepts affecting an importer's bottom line. We offer clarity and opportunity around these topics and even help you establish or fine-tune your import compliance program.
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The right Global Trade Management (GTM) software solution is an added safety net to your company's bottom line. A GTM solution can streamline your supply chain, guard against human-error mistakes, and standardize process across your global organization. BPE Global supports your organization throughout the selection and implementation period.
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Services Main Icon Text: Customs security programs such as the U.S. CBP Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and E.U. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs secure and streamline your supply chain. BPE Global can assist your company with all phases of involvement with these programs, from becoming certified to the ongoing maintenance required for membership in these programs.
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Is your acquisition trade compliance risk-proof? Is your trade compliance department fully compliant? Targeted import and export transactions are reviewed for accuracy. Gap analysis is conducted to identify risk and trends. We diagnose root cause and provide recommendations to close your trade compliance gaps.
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Ignorance of global trade compliance regulations is a risk to global organizations. We provide our clients a competiive edge by training personnel to establish a solid corporate compliance foundation. Read more about our modules here.
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