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Global Trade Compliance Consulting Services

Export Compliance

Develop and support strategic global export compliance programs

BPE Global can assist your company with the complexities of export compliance. We can help you build a robust compliance program that fits the strategy of your company so that you not only comply with export regulations but also allow your company to increase market share, expand globally and ensure customer satisfaction.

Determine Product, Software and Technology Controls
  • Determine military (ITAR) vs dual use jurisdiction (EAR)
  • Determine classification
  • Request formal classification determinations
  • Create Product Matrix
  • Identify Technology Transfers and Deemed Exports
Manage Global Licenses and Permits
  • License determination
  • License applications and submissions via automated systems
    • SNAP-R, ELISA, D-Trade
  • License management
  • License exceptions and exemptions
  • Country and region-specific requirements
Create Government Submissions and Declarations
  • Electronic Export Information (EEI)
  • Automated Export System (AES)
  • Voluntary Self Disclosures (VSD)
Evaluate and Authorize Parties
  • Restricted party screening
  • Corporate ownership analysis for sanctions End use/end-user controls
  • Letters of assurance
  • Sanction controls management
Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Export compliance programs (EMCP, ICP)
  • Desk-level policies and procedures
  • Service provider Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Web-based and in-person export compliance training
Global Trade Management (GTM) Implementation
  • Business requirements definition
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation
  • Training and support
  • Maintenance and audit
Export Audit
  • Procedures audit
  • Regulatory compliance audit
  • Systems and resources audit